Despicable Me 4

For the whole family

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Gru, as an AVL agent, successfully captured his childhood nemesis, Maxime Le Mal at their high school reunion. But now, Maxime has escaped from prison and he and his femme fatale girlfriend Valentina are determined to settle the score with Gru once and for all. On the run, Gru and his family go undercover as The Cunninghams in the picturesque town of Mayflower, where Gru pretends to be a solar panel salesman, as Lucy and their girls —Margo, Edith and Agnes)— try to adjust to their new lives and bond with their new socialite neighbors: Patsy and Perry Prescott. Meanwhile, Gru attempts to win the affection of his and Lucy’s new infant son, Gru Jr., who’s way more interested in tormenting his dad instead. But when the Prescotts’ tween daughter, Poppy, an aspiring supervillain with serious rizz, clocks Gru’s true identity and blackmails Gru into helping her with a heist at Gru’s alma mater, it will lead Maxime right to Gru’s door – and to his son.

Release Date: 05.07.2024
Length: 1h 35 min
Distributor: Estonian Theatrical Distribution OÜ
Director: Chris Renaud